Team Alpha

Aditi Syal


She's a competitive soul, talks business and is an innovative head. Mind your words-taken seriously, she builds her own empire, called—VOCABBERRY! Intellectual yet chirpy, got a knack for creativity. Canva is her doll! She can market sand in the desert!


Head - Client Solutions and Strategy

Creating content is his forte. Ain't no real-life geek, but he analyzes performance data, constructs a strategy and boom! You have a solution! Believes in prioritizing clients, challenges his own records, gets you the best performance upshot.

Vikram Syal

Director, Operations & Finance

He talks Finance! Accounts, GST, dollar and penny! Calculative and superior. He can mind your business while he minds png and jpg files too! Cracks codes and blends digital paint brushes. Multitasking flows in his veins!

Neeraj Tripathi

Head, Creatives & UI

"Passion is Profession."His experience is half of your age. Sharp & smart. Eats Canva for breakfast, Photoshop for lunch and Coral-Draw desserts! Swims in the pool of creativity finding supreme inspiration for every subsequent project. The Graphic Gyaani.


She's sarcastically humorous, who eats grammarly for Breakfast. Content gun is her often used weapon. Social media icons are her favorite toys while marketing is her treasured game. She's innovatively spontaneous with an essence of creativity.


Words are her kryptonite but she isn't superman. Trying to make sense of the chaos in her mind; the only way she knows, through writing. She believes that she will one day be the words she writes. While some people use dreams to escape this life, she uses her words.


Stalker Alert!! *Sweeter than Honey*. Pro at finding anybody’s secrets in seconds. She can optimize your brand’s performance from 0 to100. She has an OCD for analyzing social media. She can tell where you stand. She’s most likely to be found clicking pictures at the beautiful corners of the world.

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